Spectator Notes & Crew

Guide for Crew and Spectators for the Hounslow Classic weekend. Crew and Spectators are encouraged to come out in full force and encourage all runners as they make their way through a very tough course. Cow Bells are welcome!

Aside from the start / finish – there are aid stations along the way that spectators can visit.

Govetts Leap

Location: Govetts Leap Lookout
Distance for Runners: 3km, 17.5km
Crew:  Runners Pass through Govetts Leap aid station 4 times during the race. Crews are welcome to set up and aid their runners at Govetts Leap. Runners initially pass through this point at 3km and this is the only time they are not permitted to be assisted.  This is a safety measure as runners will be moving quick within the pack before they descend into the Grose Valley.  You may drive in to spectate but DO NOT hand your runner anything as they pass through at 3km!!! No clothes, food, foot massages – nothing.  Just come and ring your bells!
Spectators: YES
Aid Available: This will be a FULL Aid Station PLUS . It will have Water, Electrolyte Drink, lollies and fruit. Later in the day it will also have suitable foods for the weather and on day conditions.

Crew Facilities: YES,  Toilets are available. Food will be available for Spectators and Crew.

We ask you to be mindful of the public who are also using this area.