SkyCamp Program

SkyCamp opens on Friday 6th February
Start time: 12noon

SkyCamp closes on Sunday 8th February
Finish time: 3pm

The program consists of 3 types of sessions.
1) Run Sessions
Run sessions are usually up to 20km in distance and can include some workshops. We like to offer some distance options as runners of all levels are catered for at SkyCamp. Throughout the weekend – the Run Sessions all combined will allow runners to cover the entire course giving runners a real look at what they will be training for before race day.

2) Workshops
This includes technique sessions, strength sessions and more. These are usually conducted out on the course and aim to give you some skills to tackle the course in a more competent manner.

3) Seminars
Seminars are held on: the course, training programs, nutrition, gear, footcare and more. These seminars help to break up the Run Sessions and allow you to recover for the next session while taking in some useful information.

A full schedule for SkyCamp is forwarded to all runners prior to camp and after we have a final list of participants. We like to tailor the schedule to the participants we have to ensure a great camp which is relevant to all.