Hall of Fame

SUB 9hr Finishers – MALE 68k Ultra

Firstname Year Time
Ben Duffus 2015 7h51m
Eric Holt 2015 8h38m
Martyn Kern 2017 8h38m07s
Loughlinn Kennedy 2016 8h47m04s
Jantaraboon Kiangchaipaiphana 2017 8h54m16s
Danny Garrett 2016 8h57m43s

SUB 11hr Finishers – FEMALE 68k Ultra

Firstname Year Time
Beth Cardelli 2015 9h45m
Beth Cardelli 2016 10h24m33s
Lucy Bartholomew 2015 10h45m
Maggie Jones 2015 10h47m
Lou Clifton 2016 10h51m12s

21km records to be updated.