Ultra Course

The Hounslow Classic event hub is at the amazing property which is Allview Escapes near Pulpit Rock. The venue is right on the escarpment overlooking the Grose Valley and includes offstreet parking and great facilities.The address is Allview Escapes 415 Hat Hill Rd, Blackheath 2785.



Leg 1: Allview Escape to Govett’s Leap

Runners leave the Allview Escape directly into Twin Falls Road. Then they connect into the Western Rim Trail which takes them to Govett’s Leap. From Govett’s Leap runners take the Cliff Top Track along to Evans Lookout (Marshall), then head out to Neates Glen (Marshall) and start descending into the Grose Valley. Grand Canyon awaits runners and being an international destination for photographers – both amateur and professional – the rainforest you enter will definitely leave a footprint on your soul. This rainforest is some of the oldest on the continent. Its amazing. Past Beauchamp Falls and along to Junction Rock and that’s pretty much the end of the downhill. At Junction Rock runners take a left and take Rodriguez Pass up up up and up to Govett’s Leap. From there runners return to Allview Escape via the western rim trail. (Aid Station).

Leg 2: Allview Escape to Perry’s Lookdown

When leaving the Allview Escape, runners descend onto the Western Rim Trail and then take the Clifftop track in a clockwise direction around the rim of the valley reaching Pulpit Rock (Marshall) and then emerge onto Hat Hill Road and making their way to Perry’s Lookdown (Aid Station).

Leg 3: Perry’s Lookdown to Pinnacles

The Grose Valley awaits and runners plunge once again into its depths on the steepest descent on the course down Perry’s Track and into the mystical and sacred Blue Gum Forest. The climb out is via Lockley Track and is as challenging and rough underfoot when runners are finally rewarded with amazing views from Lockley Pylon. Runners take the Pinnacles Trail to a fully stocked aid station at Pinnacle Turnaround.

Leg 4: Pinnacle Turnaround to Perry’s Lookdown

Running Leg 4 in reverse and experiencing the ever present Blue Gum Forest, runners make their way along Pinnacles Trail – Lockley Track – Perry’s Track to Perry’s Lookdown.

Leg 5: Perry’s Lookdown to Allview Escape

Running Leg 2 in reverse

Leg 6: Allview Escape to Allview Escape

Running Leg 1 in reverse