The Course – SkyRun

The Course – SkyRun

The Hounslow Classic Short course event is always run on the Sunday of the weekend.

Maps and Elevations are HERE

SkyRun- 21km

Leg 1: Allview Escape to Neates Glen via Govetts Leap

Description: from spectacular Allview Escape, runners take the Western Rim trail around the edge of the Grose Valley, through Govetts Leap, running along the spectacular clifftop to Evans Lookout and from which Neates Glen Aid Station is only 1 kilometer away.

Leg 2: Neates Glen to Allview Escape via Junction Rock

From Neates Glen runners descend into the Grand Canyon. As runners proceed they find themselves in some of the oldest rainforest setting on the continent. Runners descend into the Grose Valley – past Beauchamp Falls and on to Junction Rock.

From Junction Rock, runners begin the ascent of Rodriguez Pass. At first they keep to the left of Govetts Leap Brook, but as they climb higher, they cross back and forth across the water until reaching the base of Govetts Leap waterfall, where the spray from the falls keeps the track permanently wet (and often people on the track, too!). A steep ascent up bush track and steps under hanging mosses, ferns and frowning cliffs brings runners back out to Govetts Leap and from there back around the Western Rim Trail to Allview Escape and the finish!

Sounds easy right?

Distance: 21km
Elevation: 1700m